Buying a House: Part I

Musings of the Average Millennial

Adult life is exciting and boring, all at the same time.

The boyfriend and I have always been renters. We rented in college, we rented our first apartment together, and now we are renting a house.

Guys, we feel discouraged with our current rental company. We’ve had… issues. We went 2 weeks in the winter without heat. We never know who to contact at the rental company to discuss the house. The basement door took 3 weeks to get fixed (it was off the hinges… and leads to the outside.). There is a shed in the backyard that the landlord is using as storage and she comes by all the time to get items out of there. We were chastised for not saving all our landlord’s mail, including junk items, and bringing it to the rental company. (I sent a strongly worded response e-mail concerning this issue suggesting that our landlord…

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