Zuck Says “Sure”, Facebook Would Love To Work With Google On Global Internet Access


Connecting the world doesn’t have to be a cutthroat competition, Mark Zuckerberg signalled on stage at Mobile World Congress in an ongoing presentation.

When asked if Facebook’s Internet.org access initiative would consider working with Google’s Project Loon, he said “Sure. When we launched the Internet.org app in Zambia with our operator partner there…one of the apps we launched with was Google Search, because search is an important product and piece of funcionality people around the world want.  I would love to do more with them, and Sundar (Pichai, Google SVP) talked about their apps being more in partnership with Internet.org.”

Mark Zuckerberg

However, Zuckerberg did throw a little shade at Google’s efforts to extend network connections to people it remote areas. He noted “90% of people in the world already live in range of a network. While it’s kind of sexy to talk about satellites [lasers, and other high tech ways…

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