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I am not a wedding photographer and never will be one.  It’s just not in my blood.  Weddings make me nervous.  Like babies do.  I stress more than I enjoy it.  Therefore I will never do (my own) weddings again.  FULL STOP.

But I have found something I really enjoy.  People’s houses!  When we sold our house in Pinetown, we could not wait for the new home guide to be delivered, which is only every second Thursday.  Two weeks is a long time when you’re looking for land or a new home!  We didn’t want to buy something until we knew our house was sold.  And once our house was sold, we had 2 months to find something.  SCARY!  We knew exactly which houses and plots were for sale in the area we wanted to stay in but always hoped that something new would come up in the new book.

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